Care and Maintenance

Our ceramic shades have a smooth high fired glaze and can be cleaned with window glass cleaner and soft towel. Shades are considered fragile but secured when placed on the lamp base. It is not necessary to remove the shade when changing the light bulb on most models.

Brass bases should not be cleaned with any abrasive cleaner as it may remove the factory applied sealer and change the patina which will void the warranty.

Lighting models are handmade with UL certified components and do not come with light bulbs. Using different bulb styles will change the lighting impact and reflection for each model. A medium base bulb should not exceed 100 watts and is recommended for the brightest amount of light. You can also use a chrome top bulb or flood light bulb on some models to control lighting reflection, intensity & direction. CFL or LED are cooler than Incandescent bulbs and use less electricity.

The optional capacitance touch switch can be ideal for desks, bedside or side tables. It has 3 light levels and can be ordered with any model with a brass base or brass support spokes. Simply touch any part of the brass and light turns on! If a capacitance switch is ordered, the cording will not come with a Toggle switch. Capacitance touch switches are not recommended if the electrical outlet (receptacle) is connected to a wall switch because the wall switch will not turn on the light until the user touches the brass part of the fixture.